The Path Heading Into 2017

2016 was an eventful year for Three Hill Path Incorporated. Our focus has remained the development and sales of IPM Codex, which has afforded us many opportunities to talk to a variety of school districts as well as presenting to maintenance leadership groups and at the Los Angeles County and San Diego County Offices of Education. We have explored many nuances of the Healthy Schools Act through direct communication with the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, and have established support in IPM Codex for the majority of HSA requirements at the school district level.

While IPM Codex has been our primary focus, we have also been working with a number of other technologies as a part of our custom development for many of our clients. 3HPi has extended its usage of the Azure cloud offerings, and has committed significant resources to extending our work with Amazon Web Services.

IPM Codex Development

3HPi was nominated for DPR’s 2016 IPM Achievement Award, but was not selected as a recipient. In order to be a better nominee for 2017’s award, 3HPi will be focusing on enhancing IPM Codex’s actual IPM support in addition to its extensive HSA compliance toolset.

Quarter 1

In order to effectively address the needs of school districts with regard to integrated pest management, we did the obvious thing: we spoke with people in school districts. We have been able to identify a number of important factors that we will be adding to IPM Codex to make it a truly comprehensive IPM tool.

Traps & Baits

One key feature we’ve been asked about is the ability to track traps and baits. In order to effectively manage use of traps and baits, we have already begun development required to introduce tracking of trap & bait placement, automated reminders to check traps & baits, and the ability to track the effectiveness of traps & baits along a number of metrics.

By allowing for the tracking of both disposable and reusable traps and bait stations, we’ll make it easier for IPM Coordinators to maintain their trapping and monitoring operations. Comprehensive reports will make it easy to review the effectiveness of different traps and baits. Automated reminders will insure that sprung traps don’t go forgotten and present health hazards.


The other major request we have explicitly received has been for tools to help with monitoring for pests. While the traps & baits module will help with monitoring in some ways, we want to give fully featured monitoring management to IPM Coordinators. This will include some inspection functionality, attachment of submitted photos and supporting documents, and scheduling of follow-up monitoring.

As always, we’ll be concentrating on providing automation and reminders to help IPM Coordinators stay ahead of their schedule. We have found that one of the greatest challenges for school districts is managing the extensive workload surrounding pest management. We want to be certain that our tools directly address that problem, and that we’re developing easy-to-use components that save time and money.

Quarter 2

In the second quarter, we want to be concentrating in improving our user interface and integrating with DPR’s online databases. We will be introducing a nightly download of DPR’s pesticide database and using it to provide up-to-date chemical status information to our subscriber school districts. This will extend the help IPM Codex provides from 7 of the 9 points of the HSA to 8 of the 9 points; we will be providing direct help to determine if a chemical is legal to use or not.

We will also be performing a comprehensive overhaul of the IPM Codex user interface. We have received significant feedback on features that we can improve, and we want to insure that our tools continue to improve and that we provide a simpler and more efficient experience for our users.

Other projects

Three Hill Path Incorporated is continuing to develop custom web applications as well as IoT applications and multiple integrations between third party applications. Our projects cover a variety of technology platforms, and our expertise is constantly expanding. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to extend our experience, so never be afraid to contact us for any project. If we can’t directly help you, we can certainly help you find your first steps on your own path.

We’re looking forward to the opportunities that 2017 will present. Technology is advancing at an incredible speed, and as paradigms shift further into the cloud space, we see a chance for many businesses to either move away from hosting their own physical servers, or for smaller businesses to embrace the levels of technology that have only been available to enterprise-level business. We are also looking for chances to extend our support for compliance-based requirements, and to find new markets for IPM Codex and related technology.

Thank you for your interest in Three Hill Path. Please contact us any time at We’ll be happy to hear from you.