Moving into 2018

Coming out of 2017, Three Hill Path Incorporated has completed development on the new game, Discover Dubai VR. Working in partnership with Christine Brownell Creative, LLC, this virtual reality scavenger hunt through the city of Dubai allows the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing to give the world an engaging view of one of the most cutting-edge cities in the world. The game utilizes Facebook’s React VR technology, Facebook Instant Games, and Amazon Web Services in new and exciting ways to provide a fun, and often breathtaking, experience to VR, desktop, and mobile users alike.

Three Hill Path Incorporated also attended the CASH 39th Annual Conference on School Facilities, presenting IPM Codex as a fantastic tool for helping to oversee integrated pest management programs for school districts, as well as providing a complete and automated package for establishing and maintaining compliance with the California Healthy Schools Act. We met a lot of great people, and are looking forward to working with new school districts.

As we move into Q2 of 2018, we look forward to dedicating even more time to the development of IPM Codex. For 2018, we have two primary goals: 1. Implement version 2.0 of IPM Codex using new features in Microsoft Azure and converting over to the React engine for our web application 1. Add features to improve the pest management specific capabilities of IPM Codex, including inspections, monitoring, and trap management

We have new and exciting ideas for the Codex Tools suite of applications as we move into a much stronger presence on mobile platforms. We are looking forward to the great opportunities that 2018 will bring, and we hope to hear from you if you wish to be a part of it.